We empower leaders to create team events that ignite change

(without wasting time & money planning one-off events that don't last)


Let's face it, most offsites suck.

Ok maybe they don't all suck, but they're definitely massively underutilised opportunities.

You're here because you're tired of offsites that feel like a tick-box exercise, right? You're not alone. Offsites have the potential to be transformative experiences, but too often, they're just another line item on a to-do list.

Did you know companies in the U.S. spend over $70 billion annually on corporate offsites & trainings?

Yet, how much of that investment actually leads to lasting change?

See, whilst every leader recognises the importance of getting their teams together, frankly, they're busy. Organising that team event often feels like yet another problem to solve vs. a solution to embrace. The focus easily shifts to logistics—choosing a date, finding a venue, working out dietaries, and plans for afterwards. Drinks or no drinks. External facilitator or just do it myself. And let's not forget, the team is already so busy that even taking just a day out of the diary can feel impossible.













What’s The Ultimate Offsite™ all about?

We help leaders create team events that bring their team out of the daily grind to chart a course for strategic success

The Ultimate Offsite™ is your go-to resource for turning your offsites, away days and team days into strategic assets. We're not just talking about a fun day out of the office; we're talking about a carefully designed experience that aligns your team behind your vision, fosters trust, and sets the stage for smashing those targets.

Who Is The Ultimate Offsite™ for?

If you're a leader who's stretched thin but still values the immense potential of a well-executed offsite, you're in the right place.

Whether you're

  • a Director frustrated with how your messages cascade throughout the organisation, or perhaps you know there's something coming that your team needs to land
  • a Team Leader looking to bring strategic alignment and the trust collaboration needed to drive results
  • an Aspiring Leader looking to step up and support your team by planning an incredible team event we've got you covered.

My team recently completed a high-performing team session and it was fantastic. Chloe took the time to get to know us in advance to be able to deliver the most impactful session possible and delivered a lot of very insightful content in a way that drew people in and engaged. We are continuing to use the lessons learned in our annual personal development plans, and are looking forward to doing additional work in the future.

-Brian Leafblad

R&D Senior Manager, Global Business Solutions at Reckitt

Thought-provoking, very accessible and interactive, which makes it really actionable. Chloe's passion for helping create change shines through, and she delivers in such a relatable way that creates a great connection with people.

We really enjoy working with her!

- Isobel Riley
Head of Learning Programmes at IGD

With easy steps, without an overwhelming amount of information in a busy work environment where you feel perhaps you don't have the time, Chloe made it very accessible & simple to understand specific areas that you can focus on

I can highly recommend.

- Zara Grindrod

Director of Sales at Rainbow Designs

Hi I'm, Chloe Temple, think of me as your offsite's co-pilot.

As an ICF Certified Leadership Coach & Facilitator, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of well-executed offsites.

But I've also seen the pitfalls of poorly planned ones. That's why I'm passionate about helping you navigate this journey. Think of me as your co-pilot, helping you steer your ship towards uncharted waters where true transformation happens.

Want to know more? Book a call, let's talk.



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